June 2018 to June 2019

Mike Couture, The Salvation Army
email: londonava.president@gmail.com

Past President
Dale Jardine, Consultant
email: londonava.pastpresident@gmail.com

Vice President
Lee Jones, Consultant
email: londonava.vicepresident@gmail.com

Note Taker
Mitra Cameron, Pillar NonProfit
email: londonava.secretary@gmail.com

Joannie Pearson, Children’s Aid Society
email: londonava.treasurer@gmail.com

Program Co-Chair
Andrew Dodd, City of London
email: londonava.program@gmail.com

Program Co-Chair
Nicole Kaiser, Let’s Talk Science
email: londonava.program@gmail.com

Membership Chair
Carla McDonald, St. Joseph’s Hospice
email: londonava.membership@gmail.com

Advocacy Chair
Jordan Brennan, Museum London
email: londonava.advocacy@gmail.com

Publicity (Community)
David Wighton, Participation House
email: londonava.community@gmail.com

Publicity (Supplement)
Christina Yung, Boys and Girls Club, London
email: londonava.publicity@gmail.com

Social Media Chair
Kristen Loblaw, London Central Library
email: londonava.socialmedia@gmail.com

Special Events
Natalie Deveraux, Western University Alumni Relations
email: londonava.specialevents@gmail.com